An Update to My Goal

I’ll admit, it was a bit naive of me to have taken on a project like this during this point in my life. School is, and should be, my main concern right now. It’s also fair to mention that when you’re in your early twenties, a lot of your time is spent becoming an “adult” as well as helping your friends to either do adult things (i.e. moving out of the house) or celebrating their adult things (i.e. drinking a little too much at their wedding receptions).

Does this mean I’m not going forth with this project? Not at all. In fact, I want to expand this project. Winter is here, which means that I won’t be able to do a ton of hiking. However, I may be writing entries about the equipment I use (or want to use), the resources that I use (or want to use), or other things about the outdoors that interest me (have you all seen the Oru Kayak? It’s a kayak that folds up. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?).

In the meantime, I’m going to make a new goal and start my miles over. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, but currently I’m going to keep it about the same as my previous goal. That means it’ll probably be 60 miles before summer hits. I might move it up to 100, but we’ll see.

I’m still proud of the progress I’ve made and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful parks that Missouri has to offer. I hiked the Wilderness Trail at Meramec State park in October, and I’ve been working on that post (I had it mostly finished in December, but somehow the draft is completely gone now…). That hike was 8.5 miles long. I also hiked another 2.65 miles at the Mastodon State Historic Site, but chose not to write about it because it’s a rather short trail that I frequent often–but I’m still adding it to my total!

Final miles hiked: 29.65 (almost halfway, right?)


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